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Environmental Safety 


EcoFuel is the environmental leader

    Nomination finalist for the
2002 Presidential Green Chemistry
Challenge Awards Program. E.P.A .
    “a chafing dish warming fuel, has replaced Sterno,
fleet wide. Its advantages include; it is cleaner-burning (contains no alcohol and is not considered an air pollutant), odorless, has a higher flash point, has a spill resistant container, and is self-extinguishing inverted.”  - Royal Caribbean Environmental Report 2000
    Environmental Regulations  
    Hazardous Waste Disposal
-EcoFuel was one of the first companies to exceed California Proposition 65: defining hazardous waste -Developed a Biodegradable/Inert product
-Reduced unburned fuel residual with more complete combustion with easily relightable usage

Emissions- Indoor Clean Air Act
-EcoFuel is setting the standard with the lowest CO emissions in the industry
-EcoFuel provides a Clean odorless burn, no black carbonization at bottom of heating equipment
-Most significant advance in creating a safe environment for both workers and customers

Waste Disposal
-Multiple usage of EcoFuel greatly reduces the amount of unburned fuel that is generally thrown away. The remaining materials are steel and glass fiber. Check with your Environmental Department for recommended disposal methods.
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